Transferring data from Connectport to FTP server

I am trying to send my data from the Connectport X4 to an FTP server using python. It is able to connect to the server (my connectport) by not able to store it using storlines(). I am using windows 7 and python 2.4.3. Is there some patch i need to install for ftplib or something else because the same code seems to be working with most other people?
Any help will be appreciated

Where have you seen ‘most other people’ running an FTP server on the X4?

Per docs, the ftplib module is client only. So the X4 calls out to an external FT server.

If you are really running an FTP client, and your server demands SSL/TLS, there could be issues there as Python 2.4.3 has limited SSL/TLS support.

I have attached the python code below so that u can have a look…
Basically I want to transfer the data received on my X4 to a database. I was looking at a solution apart from iDigi Dia because I am not really comfortable with it. I thought maybe if I could get the data to my FTP server, it would be easier to transfer it into my database.
Can u please help me ??

I got the idea from here

So the X4 is client, not server. That should work. You may need to use WireShark to watch the actual network traffic. Does your FTP server require SSL/TLS? Login? username/password? I assume the password.txt file exists on your X4 - does it?

Yes, my X4 is a client. The FTP server i am using currently is a free FTP server which i downloaded hence no username and password. The X4 has no problems connecting to the server (as i can see the X4 ip on the server once it is connected ) however when i use storlines() it gives an exception 550. You can check it out from the code attached above

And password.txt exists on my X4 along with the other modules like ftplib etc