Is it possible to use WolfSSL from Python code on ConnectPort X4?

According to ConnectPort X4 firmware change notes the product uses WolfSSL.
I’ve built a client that uses tlslite to establish a TLS connection to a server, however the encryption/decryption is slow.
Is it possible to import WolfSSL from Python code?

Yes there is a Python option for wolfSSL. Just make sure you use the proper option for the version of Python supported. wolfssl · PyPI

Thanks for the answer, but my question is whether from my python code I can access and use WolfSSL, which is already installed and being used by ConnectPort X4 firmware.
2.22.1 – 82001536_U (December 2019)
2. Numerous upgrades and improvements to internal TLS stack.
This product uses WolfSSL which was upgraded from version 3.15.3 to version 4.1.0.

You can’t. Not from the Python interface. The WolfTLS is for incoming connections to the X4 or from its firmware making sockets out to devices. Not from Python. For Python use
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