transmit data to an end device to a router and then to cordinador

I want to make a communication from the end device to coordinator through two router.
I used frames API, I’m using an API cordinador (a), two API routers (b, c), and an end device API (d). The route is as follows

Cordinador first sends an API frame (AT command) to the end device, what I want is that the response of the final device to pass each router to get to cordinador

The first question I have is: how should I set the destination addresses of every device?
that is to say I place as the destination address which have more xbee next?

also, I do not what address I put the API frame that cordinador want to send from the end device? should I place the address of the router that is closer to the cordinador or directly placed the address of the end device?

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You only need to set the DL and DH commands of the End device to the SL and SH of the node you want the data to come out the UART of. In this case the Coordinator (address 0). The radios will figure out on their own how to get the data from Point A to point D. If you want it to pass through both routers, than each node will need to be placed so that it can only see the next node in the hop in either direction otherwise the data will use the shortest number of hops possible t reach the destination node.

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