Transmitter stalled


I have an XBP24 802.15.4 with an 10ED firmware plugged on an rs232 Xbee PKG.

The configuration is all defaults except :

  • DL : 0xFFFF
  • BD : 7 (115200)

I send a stream of data to the module that is above the available bandwidth. So i don’t expect to receive any good data on other modules.

But the problem is that, at some point, the transmitter stall. If i send one byte per one byte (by hand in a terminal for instance) the green led show that the module receive the data, but the data is not sent.
The receiver is still working.

My problem is that the transmitter can be frozen. I would like to come back to a nominal behaviour if i throttle the data throughput.

The only way to be able to send data again is to unplug / plug the rs232 cable (with power still working).

Is there anybody that have encountered the same problem ?

How can i solve it ?



is your module in API mode?

what are the other node(s) this xbee is sending data to? can you describe them and their settings.

One explaination, assume that you’re using API mode, you might be filling up the transmit buffer of the xbee. In this condition it would drop further data sent to it. But it should recover too; which your not seeing…

if you reduce or throttle your datarate, do you still see the problem?

Thank you for your reply.

My two modules hold the same configuration (only DL and BD).

I use them in direct mode (not API mode). I wrote a linux program that open the port in raw mode (with cfmakeraw) and that send lot of data on one side. On the other side i use minicom for instance.

When the sender stall, i close my program and i use minicom to send data one byte at a time, but it doesn’t work.

However, on the other module, i can send bytes, and the stalled module can receive them.

I will write a minimalist program that can reproduce this problem. I can give you hardware / firmware revision, serial and cie if it can help.

Thank you.

can you reproduce the problem outside of the application? How about running XCTU -> Terminal -> Assemble Packet? Try doing that and see if you can bring the network to it’s knees that way.

How much data are you sending?