Troubleshoot 416 DB9

i purchased a supposedly working edgeport 416 DB9 from ebay a long time ago. I got a good buy it now price… so i was happy with that… however i just got around to testing it… and i cant get it to work.

I plug power in and the 1-8 and 9-16 flash red repeatedly and fast… i also notice the 4 center usb lights are dim and kinda flicker…

i did see in the manual under appendix c it says red means lost connection to usb so either drivers or power cycle. Well I power cycled… and the kicker is that windows doesnt even attempt to acknowlege that it found new hardware… i also have an edgeport 4 and 22c 2 port… and have some knowledge of these… they found new hardware and when i pointed them to the drivers they were good…

so if i bought a bum unit… how can i get it replaced/fixed or is it a throw it away and get a new one?


Hello Jeff,

If the two System Status LEDs are blinking red, this usually means that the driver is not loaded. Obviously, the Edgeport must be detected by the Operating System in order to install the driver.

For now, I suggest try other USB cables and other computers, to see if you can get the Edgeport detected by the computer.

If you provide me with the serial number of the unit, I can tell you if it’s covered under warranty or not.

i have tried multiple usb cables and a few different OS’s… windows 7, server 2003 and none are detecting it… so i agree that the drivers need to be loaded…

PM sent with serial.

Hello TeleFragger. Did you find your drivers ok and get your Edgeport 416 connected? Please feel free to contact our support if you have any questions. For the fastest response, please check our Eservice Support portal at