Edgeport/8 red light blinking problems

I have problems to make communicate with Edgeport/8. Red light is blinkin on the device.

Most of the ports are working just fine with current setup (with gsm-modems attached to those). I need to add more devices to the free ports, but those don’t work.

Even when I take one modem out from a (working) port and place an other (fully functional & tested) modem to this port it just doesn’t work! I can connect to the port, but nothing will be transmitted. I can’t even get hyper terminal connection to work.

I two edgeports with v. 4.2 of the driver installed on windows 2003 server machine. “Test ports” return success.

Do you have any idea what might help??



Please contact me directly at mikes@digi.com

I’ll be more than happy to help you troubleshoot this.

Mike Swift