EDGEPORT/8 Panel LED Activity Flashing wrong colour

it is “supposed” to rapidly flash AMBER during any “data activity”

The unit seems to be working almost perfectly now, using the Rev. H installation files.

The LED indicator is functional - flashes RED while booting up the serial ports, then a slow periodic GREEN flash when idle. This indicates that the unit itself is healthy. In fact, the data to and from the attached serial device is error free.

However, it is supposed to rapidly flash AMBER - i.e. both red and green LED’s flashing in unison, during any “data activity” between the serial ports and the Edgeport. Instead, the rapid flashing pattern looks quite RED.

Since neither the LED, nor circuit board traces to it seem to have been fried, I wonder if this is just a software glitch, assuming the LED activity is driven by software drivers rather than embedded firmware.

Since another RS-232 device behaves the same way, it likely isn’t the attached device problem.
Concern is that the “flashing red” signals an incorrect error condition where there seems to be none.

Does anybody get the correct amber flashing during data transfers between any Edgeport and the remote serial device, and which software driver version are you using?

Would appreciate any feedback on this situation.

I get the same red blinking on data. The lower led blinks green when there is no data being sent. Did you ever get an answer to your question? What Drivers are you using? Thanks. jsrobbins