AnywhereUSB TS-44 begin blinking (flashing) green & red lights


My new AnywhereUSB TS-44 begin blinking (flashing) green & red lights on front panel (near USB-connectors) after firmware upgrade from here -

I tried the AwRescue from but it didn’t work - no ip-address is assigned.

During configuration I used fixed ip-address, not DHCP.

Any help or ideas?

Hi there!

Apologies for the delay in my reply. I was out of town for the holidays.

What is the behavior of the front panel lights now? Are they still blinking/flashing green and red?

It’s blinking like lights on christmas tree, no ping, no access by Ethernet port.
May be there is some way to connect by Com-port?

Were the lights behaving “normally” (not blinking red and green) before the firmware update?

Yes, but we have an issue described in release notes of firmware upgrade.

Is this issue still happening?

Look, after 2 month you asking about device, that i returned to distributor. Just now i’am waiting new one to pass russian custom.
Why do you asking me questions?
In my first post - i asked about possibility of com connection to “bricked” device. That was the only 1 (ONE) simple question.
Do you know the answer? Yes or no?

P.S. I’am going to upgrade firmware on a new one.

To directly answer your question, there’s no way to directly connect a PC to a serial/COM port (like a “console” connection, if that’s what you mean) of an AnywhereUSB TS-44.

At the time this issue was posted, we weren’t aware of any firmware issues. But we recently found out that there is a bug in the current “revision B2” firmware that will cause the AnywhereUSB to constantly reboot. So, considering that the issue started happening after you updated the firmware to, you were probably running into that firmware bug.

To resolve this, the firmware needs to be downgraded to the previous “revision B” release, which you can download here:


UPDATE: We have since fixed the AnywhereUSB TS-44 firmware bug that causes the TS-44 unit to reboot about every 30 seconds if the Digi RealPort driver is installed. If you are running into this issue as I just described it, update to the current release AnywhereUSB TS-44 firmware that’s on our support site.