turning off discovery

Having an issue with broadcast storms recently when no changes have been made. Will turning off discovery help us avoid this issue?

On routers with more than one physical Ethernet port, the Ethernet instances refer to the different physical Ethernet ports. These routers can be configured for either HUB mode or Port Isolate mode.

In HUB mode all the Ethernet ports are linked together and behave like an Ethernet hub or switch. This means that the router will respond to all of its Ethernet IP addresses on all of its ports (as the hub/ switch behavior links the ports together).

In Port Isolate mode, the router will only respond to its Ethernet 0 IP address on physical port LAN 0, its Ethernet 1 IP address on physical port LAN 1, etc. The router will not respond to its Ethernet 1 address on port LAN 0 unless routing has been configured appropriately.

When configured for HUB mode it is important that no more than one of the router’s ports is connected to another hub or switch on the same physical network. Otherwise an Ethernet loop can occur. The default behavior is HUB rather than Port Isolate.