Turning the Network Connection Off..

I am using an Ethernet connection on a Rabbit on an RCM2100 board.
I also have my own system for communicating serially with the board, and under software control down the serial port need to totally disable the Ethernet connection. I store a global variable in my user block to tell me whether I have enabled or disabled the Ethernet link.

I am not that familiar with the intracies of network handling so any help that anyone can give would be gratefully received.

Reading the TCP/IP manual, I have tried to disable everything, but the symptom I have is that the “Green Light” stays on, and the network connection, as viewed by my PC’s network connection is still shown as active, despite my attempts…

//I first close the open sockets…


//Then try and take the link down by either

and have also even tried pd_resetinterface()

None of these work.

The only success I have had is, if having disabled the network, I do a ForceSoftReset, after reset, my setting is read, and the port is not re-opened. In this case the green light goes out, and my PC network connection is severed.

Can anyone advise me how to take the link fully down (Green Light Off) without having to resort to a reset

thank you
Dave Frost