What is the function/availability of TEST_NET_IF in the Rabbits?

TEST_NET_IF is an undocumented (unavailable?) feature to turn off Ethernet.

See page 51, “Table A-2. RCM6700 Specifications” in
MiniCore RCM5700/RCM6700 User’s Manual
Part Number 90001191

“*Test data taken with TEST_NET_IF = 1 and flood ping (for “w/Ethernet” values) and TEST_NET_IF = 0 (for “wo/Ethernet” values)”

Google sees no other references!

Hello, You can use the DISABLE_ETHERNET macro to the Defines window of Project Options to disable the Ethernet.

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The DISABLE_ETHERNET macro is interesting, but not available at runtime. I’m presuming TEST_NET_IF is a secret function at this point.
And importantly, where are all such available macros for the Project Options described?

We did get a response from Digi support:
"I didn’t find any references to TEST_NET_IF in the libraries. If they want to turn off Ethernet, they have two choices:

  1. Define DISABLE_ETHERNET in the project settings to exclude Ethernet support at compile-time.
  2. Use pd_powerdown(IF_ETH0) to turn it off at runtime. The sample LowPower/LP_SMTP.C demonstrates turning power off and then back on (in this case, with Wi-Fi, but the process is the same for Ethernet).”

I wouldn’t assume it is a “secret” function, it is more likely a macro option in the test program they used to make the measurements which got mentioned in the documentation as opposed to something in the libraries as there is no sign of it any where in the released code.


Peter is correct, it’s not referenced anywhere in Dynamic C’s libraries, and was just a compile-time option in the test program used to measure current consumption.