uCOS II tasks, one serial, one http handler

Hi All,

I have an application which makes heavy use of serial ports, reading and writing, but also must support a web interface. I plan to set up two uCOSII tasks, one for the serial port handler, one for the HTTP handler. If I make the serial task the highest priority, then will the http task only run whenever I put a sleep in the serial task. Or should I assign the priorities the other way around. The serial processing is important but I do want the http handler to run often enough so the web interface won’t starve.

Thanks if anyone can advise.

My experience is with the RCM3710 and RCM3750. The serial ports have a buffer so if you do not need to worry about clearing the buffer as soon as the message arrives you can allow the task priority to be lower.

If you do a read it will hang on the read until data comes in. This frees up clock time for the other tasks.