I have a system running CentOS 4.4 with two PCI Xem boards installed, using the dgap-1.3-6 driver. Each board has four 16-port modules attached, for a total of 128 ports. Just after booting, I’m seeing hundreds of udev processes running, which effectively locks up the system. After two or three minutes, they’ve all completed and everything seems to be fine. My question is - is this normal behavior? Is there a way to have these processes run in a more orderly fashion?

TIA - Steve


This is a known problem with the version of UDEV shipped with Red Hat Enterprise 4/CentOS 4.x.

Newer versions of each respective distro have a much more well behaved UDEV.

I would highly recommend upgrading the CentOS 5 (Or Red Hat Enterprise 5)

Thanks for the quick reply, Scott.