Unable to get XBee (series2) end device to wake up

I am trying to configure an XBee series2 end device to wake up every 10 minutes, send an I/O packet, and go back to sleep. I have so far been unable to get my XBee to wake up when I expect. To debug, I tried different combinations of the sleep mode parameters in X-CTU. None of the combinations I tries seem to work the way I expect. For example, I tried the following:

SM: 5
ST: 10
SP: 3E8
SN: 2
SO: 4

With these settings, I expect the XBee to wake up every 20 seconds and send a packet before going back to sleep. However, it never wakes up. Even when I assert/deassert pin 9 it does not wake up.

I have also tried setting SO to 0 without luck.

Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong?


I think the problem is with the ST value.

ST value is in milliseconds, you have set ST=10, means the module should be awake only for 10 milliseconds.

For ex. set the ST = 2000(2 seconds) or you can set more depending on your requirement.