Unable to initialize file system


I’m working on an ConnectME application.

It did not have file system, now I try to include file system.

But when it boot up, it show message:

netosStartup(): Unable to initialize file system

And the ConnectME mudule is died.

What is this problem?
And how to fixed this?



You’ll need to enable the filesystem under your C:
etos75\src\bsp\platforms\connectme directory bsp_fs.h file. Set it to ENABLE as it shows below, the default is FALSE.


  • Set this constant to TRUE to include the native file system in C library.
  • @since 6.0
  • @external
  • @category BSP:BSP_Configuration

Also make sure the following library is in your path;

The BSP_INCLUDE_FILESYSTEM_FOR_CLIBRARY #define constant in bsp_fs.h must be set
to TRUE to have the BSP to mount the default RAM and Flash volumes.
If you turn on this flag you must also be sure to link the filesys library
in your application makefile by adding the line


to the APP_LIBS list.

Sorry, the question is not clear.

My situation is:

The application firmware is OK, it success for other ConnectME module, only this module have the file system problem, and this module works good with other application, only fail in this file system application.

So, my question is, why this module do not work with file system?



Which application are you running? Did you try all of the example programs that use the file system or are you using your own? You should try the example apps with filesystem first and make sure that you have all the latest patches. If this doesn’t work it could be a hardware issue.

At system startup, netosStartup (bsproot.c) calls filesystem_init(bsp\customize\startfilesystem.c). filesystem_init calls naClib_fs_init (src\bsp\common\clib_fs_intf.c). All of these are part of the bsp and thus are shipped in source form. You should be able to debug into naClib_fs_init. That may help give an indication on what is not working correctly.

I tried the filesystem example, it fail. all other application is OK.
I guess may be it’s hardware issue.

Thanks a lot.