Is there a solution for the system hanging at startup when the file system is enabled?

I am having the same issue with the system hanging when enabling the file system as reported by another user. I am wondering if there are any known issues/limitations with using the native file system on connectme -c modules with jtag(95010428D). I installed all available updates, set BSP_INCLUDE_FILESYSTEM_FOR_CLIBRARY to true, added libfilesys to the application make file and rebuilt the BSP and application. Stepping through the filesystem_init calls while running the debugger does not produce any errors. However, as soon as I flash the application and attempt to run the system hangs. It appears the file system initialization fails with a fatal error. This happens with the example application as well. If I disable the filesystem flag, rebuild and flash the application it runs, but I am in need of the file system.

check your FLASH memory map, you might be defining incorrect flash size or map for your module variant

Thanks for the reply. Other than the RAM_SIZE, FLASH_SIZE, BOOTLOADER_SIZE_IN_FLASH and APP_MAX_SIZE_IN_FLASH what else could I possibly check. The blbootldr.dat and bootldr.dat files were removed from 7.5.2 so I am not sure how to change any other map values. I know the FLASH_SIZE 2M is correct.

I was able to get the file system to initialize and execute with a change to the flash map as you mentioned. However, there is a problem with the fopen function. When I open a file a second time with fopen w+ mode the file does not get reset and additional writes appear to be discarded. The old content remains. Have you seen this issue? I contacted tech support and they said a similar issue was confirmed fixed some time ago. Apparently, the fix is not included in 7.5.2. I’ve included all available patches. Do you know if there is any other way to serve dynamic content with AWS without using the filesystem? The limitations on the number of repeat groups/dynamic display items in AWS is a problem for me. The BWS was more suitable to my needs.