Unable to Locate os.path


I’ve purchased a iDigi X4 Starter Kit; and while going through its ‘Getting Started Guide’, I’ve hit a dead end at page 28 instruction #6.

The output of my telnet client (windows based) is as seen on the right side of the screen. I’ve open the python file, dia.py and notice that the instr import os.path failed to execute.

I’ve tried it previously and it was working well until I’ve updated to the current firmware ( and xbee current firmware (0x2164)of my CP-X4. I’ve no idea whether it has any impact or not.

I dunno what’s wrong this time. Can somebody help?

Hello Denz.

It seems you have lost the ‘python.zip’ file that must be located in your device. It contains a set of standard Python libraries (like the os one)

Download the zip from http://ftp1.digi.com/support/sampleapplications/40002643_B.zip Rename it to ‘python.zip’ and upload it to your device. Remember to reboot your device after uploading the ‘python.zip’ file.

Hope it solves the problem.


hey Diego,

I guess I must have accidentally deleted the file when I cleared the old python files to make way for the new ones.

Sweet, it works!

Thanks man :slight_smile: