Latest python 2.7 file for Digi Xbee gateway

For Xbee Industrial gateway (non-cellular) was told would be pre-installed but it seems the path interpreter checks but browsing the same does not exist.
>>> import sys
>>> print ’

/usr/lib/ <<<<>

Can someone point where exactly the standard which is requirement for many applications. The one I have does not seem to work( as I need Digi version having definitions for

Please provide link or can attach if possible.


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If you go to the webUI, under the Python section, that is where it would be uploaded.

Thanks mvut,
Original query is “” , is there link where I can get latest copy so that I can use it for sample applications?
I can then upload it to filesystem and reference in the modules etc.

Ok , with lot of investigation it seems ZBS_PROT_TRANSPORT need to be changed to XBS_PROT_TRANSPORT . It seems lot of examples are old and not relevant for latest libraries.

Hello, I’m new here.