ConnectPort X2 SE Starter Kit - getting started


I read the documentation about python development on ConnectPort X2 for Smart Energy, and I have a question about getting started:

  1. There already are some files loaded on the gateway (6 .ini, 2 .py and 2 .zip files), but there’s no… What do I need to do to start development? Should I remove all files and follow the getting started guide from digi dia? Or just add the new file builded from Digi ESP? Are there enough memory availaible on the gateway CPX2?

List of initial files loaded on the gateway:
clusters.ini 0 bytes
endpoints.ini 34 bytes
interfaces.ini 35 bytes 6478 bytes
modules.ini 35 bytes 109200 bytes 210090 bytes 1172 bytes
registry_settings.ini 703 bytes
devices.ini 27 bytes

Are all these files mandatory to run the gateway?
Can we remove some files to reduce memory usage?

Thanks for your repsonse.