Unable to login into web UI using the default user name and password

I am trying to login to the WebUI of Anywhere USB 2 Plus(AW02-G300) using the username admin and password that is pasted on the device sticker but the login fails saying invalid username & password. This is a brand new device and this is the first time I am logging in. I also tried using the reset button on the device to reset it to factory defaults but it was of no help. The login still fails. Please help with this issue. Tried using the root username also instead of admin but that also did not work. Please help.

I would suggest sending an email to digi support at technical.support@digi.com

Make sure to include the MAC address of the device and images of the back of the device. I would also suggest including the invoice it was purchased under.

Restart and Log in to the Web User Interface
If necessary, obtain the IP address of the library on the Operator Panel.
Open Internet Explorer on your server or PC to access the Web User Interface.
On the Web User Interface login screen, enter the administrator login account name and default password.
Click Login.
If a WAN interface on your device has a public IP address, you can reach the WebUI enabling remote HTTP access in the System → Administration → Access Control page. After that you should be able to access your device’s WebUI by simply entering its public IP address into the URL bar of your browser.

Rachel Gomez