Understanding Timeouts

I’ve read “Understanding Timeout Settings in Digi One IAP” and by itself, it made perfectly good sense. However, I’m having trouble reading between the lines related to my installation.

I have a DOIAP being polled by a serial master with the network side destination being another DOIAP on the other side of the plant polling a serial slave. There are many instances of above, but only a few slaves being multi-mastered.

Related to my installation, questions are as follows:

  1. On DOIAP w/ network master and serial slave, is it correct to say that the serial slave’s message timeout can be just a bit longer than slave timeout? I’m guessing that multi-master timing is accounted for in the network master’s message timeout? Maybe the root question is: Why the two message timeouts (Network and Serial)?

  2. More critically, on the DOIAP w/ serial master and network slave, is it correct to set the serial slave timeout sufficiently long to receive a message back from the remote DOIAP doing the poll to the destination slave? Or is slave timeout in this case actually related to the serial link from the serial master device?

As you can tell, I’m confused on slave timeout setting when the serial side of a DOIAP is being polled by a master device. I’m also confused over the message timeout setting for both network and serial sides.

Currently, I’m having no problems with defaults on my initial install, but I’m getting ready to install 40 or so more DOIAP’s and would like to get this right.