Unexpected Interrupt

I’m using DC 9.25 and UCOS II, I get an unexpected interrput when I turn on my OPC server and try to get modbus data from my code. I’ve recently added code to other libraries but not to the modbus functions.
From what I’ve read this is usually caused by a stack overflow or jump to 0xff. My question is since I’m using UCOS II how can I check the stack and see where things are going wrong? Stackcheck.c can’t be used in UCOS II.

I found a SerDParity call that didn’t get commented out, it was setting 2 stop bits. I commented this out and I no longer the the Unexpected Interupt now I get “Program terminated Exit code 107” I can’t find any documentation on this anywere, google draw a blank and it’s not in the documentaion.

Does anyone know what this code means?



Found my mistake.

I had a structure that I added an array of 5 longs to, this made the stack overflow. I cleaned up the structure and everything works well again.