Unexpected ON/SLEEP output duration

I am using an XBee 24 Zigbee standard module
I am using it in sleep mode 5 (pin awake and cyclic)set up as an end device
I need to warm up a sensor so was hoping to use the output at pin 13 (on/sleep) to power the sensor
The “wakeup” pulse to the XBee pin 9 is at least 500-milliseconds.
When I put a scope on the pins, the on/sleep high output is only 33-milliseconds, not the 500 expected
With the scope on the CTS output, the duration is about equal to the on/sleep.
I have had a look at the 2014 ZB Digi manual and it states that the CTS time can be several seconds and will affect the on/sleep duration.
Can anyone suggest what might be happening?
Thank you

What is the full part number of the module and what is the firmware version you are working with?

Hello mvut
Full part number is XB24-Z7-UIT-004-REV K
i.e standard module with UFL antenna
Product family XB24-ZB
Function set Zigbee End Device AT
Firmware version 28A7
Changed from default settings
NH=1E (may have been accidental as I don’t really understand this one)
SM = 5 (cyclic with pin wake)
ST = 14(20 mS)
SP = 7D0 (20000?)
SN = F (15) (total 300 seconds, 5 minutes cyclic sleep)
IR = 3E8 (1000 mS)
DIO1 = 3 (digin)
DIO2 = 2 (analogue)
DIO3 = 2 (analogue)

The only thing that might not be right is the coordinator/routers settings may not be the same SP, SN values.

I’m going to put a scope on an end device that does work and essentially all I did was to copy the working config to this one.
I need to put a board together with a comissioning button
Basically, I have a Hall sensor on a gas meter, the Hall generates a falling edge pulse using a 74HC14 Schmitt of about 500 to 1000 mS which feeds into the pin 9 of the XBee. I was expecting the on/sleep pin 13 to give an output HIGH for roughly the same time.