Unicast example configuration XBee Pro series 2

Hello everybody,
I need to configure two XBee Pro series 2 in unicast mode (like serial extender in full-duplex), can anyone help me with example configuration?



Searching “unicast” as a keyword in our knowledgebase:



Thanks, but I had read the document and configured like that explaned, but it begin to trasmit in one side two or three char (the same in the other side…) and then the trasmission is stopped in each side! No more trasmission, I need to turn off each module (or reset). It’s not happen with Xbee Pro but only with XBee Pro 2.5.



P.S. I don’t know if it was clean?

Do I understand correctly you are trying to do this with ZNet 2.5 modules? If this is the case it would be best if I move your thread to the correct forum (this is 802.15.4 forum), so please clarify. Also, what firmware version do these modules have?