Unicast setup for two Xbee pro 900?

I am trying to configure two Xbee pro 900 radios to communicate back and forth on command. I need to set them to unicast mode to meet a requirement. I have configured both in XCTU. The DH and DL of one matches the SH and SL of the other, and vice versa. This results in no data received.

If I leave them in broadcast mode(DH=0 DL=FFFF), they communicate perfectly.

Are there any steps to initiating unicast that I missed?

If they work in broadcast but not in unicast, then there can be nothing wrong except providing incorrect address in DH and DL field.

Sounds like you may have left the leading 0’s off of the SH field. The Sh should be 0013A200 and not 13A200. This will cause it to be incorrect when you enter it in the DH field.

I am not there to test it, but this sounds like the issue. I was very sleep deprived yesterday, and the lower half was definitely too small upon remembering. Thank you!