Xbee addressing: Unicast, Broadcast

I am a new user in this forum, I have some problems when addressing my Xbee modules. I use two XBee XB24-ZB, one as coordinator and the other as a router. I operate the modules with the default settings, that is, for the router: PAN ID = 0; SCAN ID = 1FFF; SCAN DURATION = 3; OP = 28E533F88C2A1CA2, DH = DL = 0, MY = BFOE;
for the Coordinator: PAN ID = 0; SCAN ID = FFFF; SCAN DURATION = 3; OP = 28E533F88C2A1CA2, DH = 0, DL = FFFF; MY = 0;
I perform a data transfer with the baud rate 9600baud. The transmission is running well so far, but I get a data rate of approximately 433Byte/s. I use two FPGA boards from Altera: the DE2 board (receiver side) and the DE2 nano (transmitter side).
I have the following questions:
Is this data rate ok?
I wanted to implement a unicast addressing, but I can not do it!
How can I implement it? In AT mode, I can not change the parameters MY.

I would have liked to send you some pictures, but it did not work?

Thank you!

Hi Assmeba, That it can propose to me stops transmitting by BROADCAST first.
A transfer rate will become slow if BROADCAST is used by transmission of ZigBee.

In this case, since Coordinator has transmitted by BROADCAST, please coincide DH of Coordinator, and DL with SH of Router, and SL uses X-CTU.
Even in such a case, a transfer rate – the transparent mode – 20K bps to 30K bps – at most .

Parameter MY is unchangeable by yourself.

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Hi Thanks for the answer!!
do you mean DH and DL, rather than SH and SL?


The meaning of DH is Destination Address High.
The meaning of DL is Destination Address Low.

Before transmitting, an addressee is specified using the DH and DL.

The address of an addressee is set to SH and SL of an addressee.

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Hello Assmeba,

If you are looking for a network with higher throughput, and it will only be a Point to Point network, I would suggest using XBee Series 1 (802.15.4)

ZigBee is a very noisey protocol and as such uses up much of the bandwidth with network chatter.

As for addressing with 1 Coordinator and 1 Router, please review the setup below:

Coordinator AT:

MY=0 , DL =BFOE (as per your described readings)

Router AT:


This will have the Router talking only to the Coordinator and the Coordinator only talking to the Router.

If you don’t plan on using the mesh capabilities of the ZigBee protocol, I would highly suggest switching to Series 1 radios.

S1 Radio part numbers:

XB24-Axx-xxx (Series 1 regular power output)
XBP24-Axx-xxx (Series 1 Pro, higher output power)

As a side note, Series 1 radios can also run DigiMesh firmware. This is a proprietary mesh protocol from Digi that has much less chatter on the network and allows for full network synchronized sleep, thus allowing for lower power consumption network-wide.

thanks again,
I realized thanks to their help, the unicast transmission.
how to measure the data rate of transmission with Xbee best?
I would like to know how much is the data rate on my Xbee-network.

Thanks in advance