transmit delay

i am using XB24-B modules i have to wait 2 seconds before transmit another data after having sent 6 or 7 characters of data without any problems . how can i reduce it? 100ms would be enough
thank you

This sounds more like a problem with the way you’re driving the XBees than a problem with the XBees themselves. Can you give more detail on exactly what you’re doing and what the responses are?

i want to do position estimating by driving XB24-B modules with pic18f452 for a school project

four of them will be at the corner of a room and the last one will be recive signals from others and compute distance to them

digi support said me to use unicast addressing but i don’t know how to do is there any default configurations for it

You’ll find that unicast and broadcast addressing are covered in the Digi product manual, so that would be a good place to start. Go to the Digi site, click on “Support” and select the XBee model from the long list. Then the “Documentation” link will take you to the manual and other details.

You could also try the resources in the pinned links at the top of this forum, though it’s the product manual that is most complete.

thanks, after changing broadcast to unicast i am n ow able to transmit very quickly but i could not change DN from pic it must done four times every circle.
sometimes it works and i receive the message i want but sometimes i receive ++ATDN i decided it happens because zigbee can not catch one of '+'s that’s why put a delay between them but still it does not work
by the way i am taking ‘OK(enter)’ command from zigbee with interrupt