Problem in broadcast

I have to transfer data between three xbee modules wirelessly.
I have setup to configure xbee by x-ctu
I am using Xbee Pro S2B.
But I’m having trouble getting broadcast mode setup on my 3 xbees. I’ve been struggling with it the last 4 days :(.
What I have working so far.
The unicat configuration works fine for Coordinator <->Router communication.
There was, I interchanged its DH with DL.
but in Broadcast mode…I used 3 Xbee modules
1>Coordinator AT DL=FFFF DH 0
2> Router AT DL = 0 DH 0
3>Router AT DL = 0 DH 0
But I was not successful in transmitting data from coordinator to other router in same network.
I’m planning to add at least 5 xbee as Routers(with STM32) that will accept data from 1 main coordinator and Send back information to Coordinator and after processing data.
I appreciate any input that will clarify some issues I’m having. And if it’s not too much, can you give the ideal configuration for my application in mind.

Thank you in advance

Try restoring the Coordinator to default settings. By default the coordinator is in Broadcast mode so you should receive the data on all other nodes within the network. If you are not, make sure that the SC value on all nodes is the same and that you are not trying to use all possible channels.