Problem with broadcast mode with Xbee pro series 2

Hello !

I use some Xbee pro serie 2 with :

-XBP24-ZB 2070 firmware for the coordinator
-XBP24-ZB 2270 for the routeur
-XBP24-ZB 2870 for the end end device

The communication works very well between one coordinator and one routeur/end device by configuring a PAN ID and the DH and DL based on the SH and SL.

But, if I try the broadcast mode to send DATA at the same time over two routeur / end device or more. It doesn’t work.

I set the coordinator DH at 0 and the DL at FFFF.
I receive DATA by packet on the routeur / end device but I lost lots of byte :frowning:

Any suggestion ?

Thank you for your help :slight_smile:

Hello Dualvsta,

I’m trying just now (modules are over the table flickering) that configuration, and I found the same problem.

The last time I ask in this forum, someone suggests me that maybe we can try to set the BR (Broadcast radius) to 1, in order to minimize the hops. (Check this post: here )

But It doesn’t work!

The second alternative is to use the 802.15.4 technology (point to multipoint). I hope that solve the problem.

Any suggestion more with ZB?

Thank you

hi gays ,

i have also this problem please help me