how to configure xbee coordinator & router settings in broadcast mode

Reapected Sir,

                  Help me i am finding problem to communicate xbee in broadcast mode so provide me configuration settings for coordinator,router & end-device xbee to communicate with each other.


I m not sure which modules are you using, ZigBee or 802.15.4?

For 802.15.4 -
Sample Network Configuration (All modules in the network):
• DL (Destination Low Address) = 0x0000FFFF
If RR is set to 0, only one packet is broadcast. If RR > 0, (RR + 2) packets are sent in each broadcast. No acknowledgements
are returned.
• DH (Destination High Address) = 0x00000000 (default value)

For ZigBee -
Set the upper 32 bits of the 64 bit destination extended address as DH=0x000000000000FFFF(broadcast address)