How can I enable broadcast mode for my network(xbee pro s1) with 5 end devices for different information for each one?

Download xbee document from links follows:

  1. XBee/XBee-PRO 802.15.4 Professional K​it Getting Started Guide, look at page 16 (Point-to-Multipoint Addressing)

  2. Product Manual: XBee / XBee-PRO 802.15.4 RF Modules, look at page 28 (Broadcast Mode)

  3. Other document

Point‐to‐multipoint topologies require one base module to be configured to operate in Broadcast mode (DL= 0xFFFF). This allows the module to broadcast messages to all devices in the network.

Configuration for 1 Base(Server) and 5 Remote(End Devices/Client) as follows: (look at document 1 above for details)

Base(Server) config:
DH =0, DL=0xFFFF, MY=0

Remote1(Client1) config:
DH =0, DL=0, MY=1

Remote2(Client2) config:
DH =0, DL=0, MY=2

Remote3(Client3) config:
DH =0, DL=0, MY=3

Remote4(Client4) config:
DH =0, DL=0, MY=4

Remote5(Client5) config:
DH =0, DL=0, MY=5


DH (Destination Address High)
DL (Destination Address Low)
MY (16-bit Source Address)

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