point multipoint configuration S1

Hi! I am new here.

I am creating a point multipoint network with xbee series 1. I want to know how I have to set configuration of different modules.

I am using x-ctu to configure them. I was able to make a point to point network using Serial.print() to send data. But now, I want to send packages instead Serial way.

I don’t know which parameters I have to set in end nodes and which ones in central node. I am using xbee librarie to make packages and send them.


I have tried some configurations.

I set in both modules same pan id and channel.

In one of them (central node) I set MY = FFFF and DL=0 and DH=0. Coordinator mode.
In the other one, DL=SL other node, and DH=SH other node. Not coordinator mode.

I forgot to say that I am working with arduino. Now, I don’t know if I have to send data by Serial.print() or creating a xbee object and putting SL and SH on address.

My idea tries to make that the coordinator node asks for a data to one end node, then the end node answer it. After, coordinator node will ask to other end node and so on.

Are there any document which I can read about multipoint network with series 1?

How do you set the same pan id both modules?

I use x-ctu to change parameters.