Point-to-Multipoint Network


I want to build point-to-multipoint network topology. I have 4 XBee Series 1 module. I configured one of them for coordinator, other modules for end device.

Our configure settings;

PAN ID: 3456
DH: 0
CE: 1
AP: 1
MY: 0

PAN ID: 3456
DH: 0
DL: 0
CE: 0
AP: 0
MY: 1

When I try to sending data wiht X-CTU software, I have problem.

Node can send data to coordinator, but the coordinator doesn’t send data to node. If I change the AP statu( from 1 to 0) this time node and coordinator doesn’t send data.

How can i fix my mistake? Thanks for help…

With AP=1 on the coordinator, you do need to manually create a valid API frame - complete with checksum. You are doing that, right? Just typing the word ‘hello’ in XCTU at the coordinator (with AP=1) will cause no visual reaction as the coordinator will discard all 5 of those bytes withotu comment.

Using broadcast from coordinator to 3 ‘remotes’ is a valid design in 802.15.4 (but not Zigbee, where broadcast ‘chokes up’ the mesh).