XBee Pro S1 Module for Star Network Configuration

xbee pro S1 module for Star network configuration
Hello there;
I have 10 xbee s1 pro modules. I would like to configure the two as coordinators, so the eight will be the last point. but I did not succeed.

the two coordinators will be in different places. the end points will circulate through the line. sometimes the two end points will be at the same end. so the first end point will be connected and the information will be sent to the coordinator. then the second endpoint will be connected and pass on his knowledge.

is it possible?
please help me fundamentally.

Will I program as IEEE 802.15.4 or digimesh?
Can you tell me in detail?

note: I will use xbee modules with arduino.

Please help me.

For what you are talking about, there is no configuration needed. That is a simple peer to peer network. All that is needed is for the nodes to be in range of each other to communicate.

The other option is a simple Point to point connection with the Coordinator having the same MY value and the end nodes sending data to that desired MY value.

MY 0x01

End node
MY 0x02, 0x03, etc

I do not want you to get confused.
what is also dt?

Sorry not DT but DL.