Connect three or more modules XBEE PRO S2 in transparent mode

I have an RS-485 wired, made by a master (PC) and two slave modules each with a node number. From the master read and write data to the slaves indicating the node I want to communicate. Now I need to do this through three modules XBEE PRO S2, so I need to create a point-to-multipoint network, but transparent to continue using the current protocol. Is it possible?, Anyone could tell me how I should configure the XBEE modules?.

Thank you.

Yes, the module in question by default is configured in a Point to multi-point configuration but in a Mesh. That is if your devices are determining who the data is for within a given protocol, no additional configuration is needed. Simply configure one node as a Coordinator AT and the others as router AT and then send your data.

Thanks for your answer.
I tried to connect two modules, one coordinator and one as router memorizing each DS and DL the other. Thus functioning properly. However, if the set up with the factory settings, ie the coordinator put DL = FFFF and DH = 0 and router DL = 0 and DH = 0, there are delays in data transmission causing timeout errors communication. Can you remove these delays?, Ie when a character arrives to the module, it is immediately sent via RF and upon receipt by RF cable sent.
Thanks again.

What you are referring to is a required delay in all Broadcast transmissions that is there to allow for the packets to be re-transmitted throughout the network. This is not something that can be adjusted as it is part of the ZigBee standard. What probable would be better is if you used the 802.15.4 product instead as it is designed for Point to point and point to multi-point networks where routers are not needed to extend the range.

Ok, Thank you for all.