XBee-PRO 868 example un command mode communication


I have 4 XBee-PRO 868.

When I plug in a module, the module automatically activates in a transparent and I need to work in command mode. I enter the command + + + to enter command mode, but the module is changed automatically in a short time to transparent mode, what I can do?

I want to work with 4 modules like a point to multipoint network. I want to test that module is active in the network, as I know, I want to ask one by one. Do you guys you have some example or application note, or something similar code sample?

I need to create a network in this way with 20 devices.

Regards, John.

I think you need to work in API mode only.

If you want 1 ‘master’ node which talks to 20 ‘remote’ nodes, and only the master talks to any remote, then the master needs to be in API mode, but the remotes can just be AT transparent mode.

If you want any of 20 nodes to address another node, then all 20 must work in API mode.

Usign AT mode and the “+++” because nearly impossible to do direct one-by-one addressing of remote nodes.