Configuration for multiple XBEE PRO 3B Programmable.

Hi, everyone.

I have been using Xbee S2 for point-to-point RF communication.

Now I need to compose mesh network with 3 XBee modules.

I have seen that it is possible with XBee Pro DM 3B programmable and already purchased 3 modules.

My purpose is this:

(Slave) <— —> Master <— —> (Slave)

Master should communicate with 2 slaves.

Each Slave can only communicate with Master.

To implement this idea, I set Network ID of all 3 modules as same value.
And set CE of master as “Indirect Msg Coordinator” in XCTU, set CE of slave as “Non-Routing Module”.
But I could not send Tx frame as indicated in
It says “Connection with the device is closed.”

I am wondering if anyone would teach me how to configure each modules.
And it’d be very appreciated if you could inform me about python API of these modules.

Best regards.


The S2 module you have been working with is NOT a point to point product but a Mesh based product that can do a point to point connection. If you wanted to send data with this product to more than one node, simply add another XBee ZB module to the network. Then you can either send data to that node direct for its UART or you can send data to the broadcast address that will be sent out the UART of all nodes within the network.

All of the programmable versions of the XBee modules are not for transparent communications. They are designed to allow a customer who would have been using a small 10 bit processor connected to an XBee to eliminate the need of the processor or part number for that processor. That is done by adding a 2nd processor to the XBee module (this is what a programmable module is).

Oh and they are not using Python on the programmables. You are using C.

Hi, mvut.
Thanks for your quick reply and sorry for my delay.

Yesterday I have succeeded to communicate between 2 modules while setting a XBee module as “Indirect Msg Coordinator” and setting another one as “None Routing Module” in XCTU software.

My purpose is to compose digimesh network with over 10 Raspberry Pi’s which is connected to a XBee Pro 3B DigiMesh module.

I have been investigating about python library for XBee Pro 3B and found this:

But unfortunately this does not work with my XBee Pro 3B.

Is there any python library supports XBee Pro 3B?
Or C?


Try going to

The Digi Mesh examples should work with it.