Beginner on Xbee s2 broadcast mode

Hi…I know my question might answered before. But I’m having trouble getting broadcast mode setup on my 2 xbees. I’ve been struggling with it the whole day :(.
What I have working so far.
[size = 9]Coordinator: Router:
Pan ID: 2001 2001
DH : 13A200 13A200
DL : 408B916E 408B9174[/size]
The above configuration works fine for Coordinator <->Router communication.
As I understand for broadcasting mode
Coordinator DL=FFFF and Router DL = 0
But I was not successful.
I’m planning to add at least 8 xbee as Routers(with arduinos) that will Send information to Coordinator and after processing data, Coordinator will send back to all Routers. And I think in broadcast mode I don’t have to specify(DL=0) for Router and Coordinator should be(DL=FFFF).
I appreciate any input that will clarify some issues I’m having. And if it’s not too much, can you give the ideal configuration for my application in mind.

Thank you in advance

You will have to set DH of both router and coordinator to 0 .

The modules default configuration will place the radios in the configuration you are looking for. That is the Coordinator will be in Broadcast mode (DH 0, DLFFFF) and all of the routers in Unucast mode back to the Coordinator.

@ vibhordabas
Thank you… for the time answering my post…and pointing out in right direction. I will try it out as soon as possible.