Unpacking Connect ME .bin firmware

Is it possible to unpack the Digi Connect ME firmware for inspection in a disassembler?

This is a DC-ME-01T-S running the Plug and Play firmware.

Which kit are we talking about? If NET+OS, the hardware part number ends in a -C. If a plug and play kit, the hardware part ends in an -S. This could also be linux… So lets establish what firmware you are asking about disassembling.

This is Plug and Play.

Some of the libraries contain proprietary software which is licensed by third parties. I would suspect that they would not like their software being dissasembled. That said, since this is the first time I have seen anyone ask this question, why do you wish to dissassemble the firmware?

For the purposes of security analysis of a product that uses a Digi Connect ME for Internet connectivity. Mainly interested in potential for undocumented commands, interfaces, or possible exploits.