Unstable i2c readings

I am having trouble with stable readings from my accelerometers on i2c with xbee3. The same setup works perfectly when connecting the boards to an Arduino. I see some are using 10K pull up resistors with xbee3, could this be what I need to add stability? If so, is there a diagram on how to implement these resistors?

Yes that may be what is needed. As for a schematic to work with, I am not aware of one for that interface.

Sensor Hookup
Xbee3 SDA <–> Acc SDA
Xbee3 SCL <–> Acc SCL
Xbee3 GND <–> Acc GND
Xbee3 VCC <–> Acc VCC

Pull Up Resistor Hookup
Xbee3 SDA <–> 10k <–> Xbee VCC
Xbee3 SCL <–> 10k <–> Xbee VCC

I am using this setup for a i2c air pressure sensor with the Xbee3 and it works great.

I finally figured it out. Had nothing to do with I2C or resistors, just had some bad parsing of the data coming back. Thanks for the answers though. It is now steady as a rock.