Unusual DIO12 behaviour

I am using S3B modules with 8071 firmware.
I have a master module connected via USB to my PC, operating in AP1 mode.
I have another module in serial mode controlling LEDs & relays. This module also has a Rx connection to a serial sensor that outputs 12 bytes of ASCII at 2 minute intervals.

I am controlling the remote IOs with API packets.

I am seeing unusual behaviour of the DIO2 pin. Sometimes it goes low, without a P2 command being sent from the master module. It occasionally, goes high again when I send an IO command to another pin, say DIO4.

Also, a remote IS query from the master module can show the pin as low, but the XCTU remote query shows the pin set to digital output High = 5. Even after, refreshing the XCTU P2 setting. The LED connected to DIO12 (pin 4) is clearly off.

This unusual behaviour does not seem to occur, if I remove the serial sensor connection to Rx.

This sounds a lot like you have the remote module in SPI mode. You may want to verify that it is not in SPI mode.

I was wondering about that, but I don’t think I have SPI set. I’m using most of the pins as I/O.

P4 = 1 (UART Din)
P3 = 1 (UART Dout) nothing connected to this pin
P2 = 4 (Dout low)
D4 = 4 (Dout low)
D3 = 2 (ADC)
D2 = 2 (ADC)
D1 = 3 (Din)

I don’t think that I have any SPI related signals active …

I haven’t tried it yet, but I’ve just noticed that the new 8072 firmware should fix this problem.