Digital Output not working correctly when Xbee S6B Wifi comes out of sleep

Hello all -

I am using a xbee s6B wifi module and I have set DIO5 pin to digital out, high. The rest of the related settings are default. When I connect my multimeter to it it shows 3.3V as expected. However, when I put it into cyclic sleep it first drops to 0.0V as expected, but when it comes out of sleep the pin only shows 50mV. I called digi and they said they’d have to investigate but never got back to me. I was using firmware 2026 (latest), but I just tried it with 2024 and it is 50mV as well. Is there something else I need to set? As a side note, if I take it out of cyclic sleep and move it back to normal, the pin goes back to 3.3V. Thank you.

If you talked to Digi. Then I would suggest calling them back to find out what is going on. I would also suggest making sure that the Pull up resistor is enabled for that line.

I would also disconnect the device you have connected to it and see if that resolves the issue or not. It could simply be an issue where your device wants to draw more current than the pin and source.