Updating logo image on default webpage not working

I’m attempting to update the logo on the default webpage (index.htm) using the following procedure but the logo does not show. What am I missing?

  1. Created a new logo image named “fedsig.gif” and copied into the webcontents\img folder
  2. Modified the index.htm file to point to the new image (replaced “/img/logo.gif” with “/img/fedsig.gif”)
  3. Updated the PBBuilder.bpp file to contain the two above files, html\index.htm and img\fedsig.gif
  4. Executed PBBuilder. The files “web\result\fixed\img\fedsig.c” and “web\result\fixed\html” were successfully created
  5. Compiled and executed the project. The logo does not appear on the webpage. The DIGI logo is absent but the new logo does not render

try going back to stock and simply replace logo.gif with fedsig.gif renaming it to logo.gif. Does that work ?

Problem solved. Needed to update RpPages.c with the new image object. Thanks

A little late on this one, but your change probably did work. I’ll bet your browser was caching the old image. Clear and delete all cache and reload the page. Or better yet, use a “cache busting” strategy in your html such as:

And every time you change your image, be sure and increment the “?ver=1.0” part. This is what forces a browser to realize it can’t use the old one.