Change boot and kernel logo

I am working with imx6 dual lite system board. I could configure and compile a kernel image succesfully.
Now I need to change the kernel logo that it shows when kernel is starting, It is a DIGI logo.
I have reading a lot about this toppic but Ii was not possible to me do It.
I know that the logo is stored in kernel sources directory, speciffically in ccimx6sbc/kernel-sources/drivers/video/logo, the logo that is loaded is logo_custom_224.ppm, I tried to replace this file with my own logo but I have somer issues. When compile the kernel, tke kernel sources are downloaded from git repository so the logo that I want to load is erased.
I need a little help, someone that It could do this.

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are you following instructions here?

In that case, your changes to the kernel should not be overwritten.


Yes, that works. Thank you very much.