** File not found zImage-ccimx6ulsbc.bin **

I have about 20 custom boards already installed with my own Image (based on the ccimx6ulstarter).
We orderd now another 50, seems to be pretty the same, but when I trie to install my images I get following error:

Loading file ‘zImage-ccimx6ulsbc.bin’ to addr 0x80800000…
** File not found zImage-ccimx6ulsbc.bin **
Error loading firmware file to RAM

It works when I change my “MACHINE” in the “local.conf” to “ccimx6ulsbc”, but I don’t get the reason for that.
Why is it looking for the “sbc”-bin when I built it as a “starter”?

the u-boot that comes in standalone modules is universal and is built for cc6ul SBC so default environment is SBC. Compare output of u-boot’s printenv on working and non-working ones and you will find variables that are different.

Ok, but I updated the U-boot with my own as well.?

The main difference I can see is “board=ccimx6ulsbc”, what I think is the problem. But I don’t know how to change it.
When I install it on an older board I get a “board=ccimx6ulstarter” and on the newer one it is “ccimx6ulsbc”

Where is the “board” defined? Is it based on the “machine” I build?


From U-boot prompt
setenv board ccimx6ulstarter
save env

Ahh, I could have figured it out myself ^^ Thank you!
I changed the “zimage” to “zImage-ccimx6ulstarter”, now it works. (I dont get the reason for this.?)

At the moment I am working on a complete custom machine. But I have some problems with the Documention, it is described pretty basic.

I created my own layer added my own recipe and custom machine. Works so far.

But how can I change things like the “board” or more likely the zImage like in this case?