flash custom machine (custom dtb) to CCIMX6UL started board?

Has anyone succesfully flashed a custom machine (with custom dtb) to CCIMX6UL started board? With flashing I mean writing to nand and completely booting. I followed the training for CCIMX6UL and received a hands-on for creating custom machines but the hands-on stops when the image is builded. So my question is, did anyone made this work, because I think the there are some things missing in the hands-on.

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Steven D.

When building the ubifs files, some files names are not ok with the install script

core-image-base-ccimx6ulcustom.boot.ubifs => rename zImage-ccimx6ulcustom.bin => zImage-ccimx6ulstarter.bin

core-image-base-ccimx6ulcustom.recovery.ubifs => rename zImage-ccimx6ulcustom.bin => zImage-ccimx6ulstarter.bin

How can I fix this in bitbake?

you can just change the U-boot variables like this:
=> setenv zImage zImage-ccimx6ulcustom.bin
=> setenv fdt_file zImage-imx6ul-ccimx6ulcustom-wb.dtb
=> setenv bootcmd ‘dboot linux nand’
=> saveenv
With those changes, U-Boot will boot those.

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