imx6ulsbc based solution from Digi Custom Engineering

We had a board designed by Digi Custom Engineering. For some odd reason, they changed the pins used to interface to the ethernet and as a result, when we get SOMs with the factory default uboot on them, the we can’t tftp to install our custom kernel/rootfs at EOL. I had to cobble together some lamo-serial script in conjuction with a master SD card to get our code onto the device. That was find for the first 500 piece run of devices for field trial, but won’t fly for the 2-3 thousand. I need to figure out what they changed so I know what to look for in the code.

Unfortunately I can’t find a schematic for the imx6ulsbc pro eval board to use as a reference. I think a comparison between that and our custom schematic would be enlightening. Is it available publicly? Any other advice for running this one down?

cc6ul documentation is here:

cc6ul SBC pro schematics is here:

Do you have a USB OTG port? We recommend to always keep it for recovery. It can now be used to program all images not just u-boot using the latest nxp manufacturing tools - uuu (Universal Update Utility).
It will become the official programming method starting with the next release of DEY of cc6ul.