Uploading code

Hi everyone.
i am using Digi ESP for Python and the sample code dioadv.
I am trying to read a digital input and send an sms in case i found a 0.
I have uploaded the dioadv.py to the Connector X4 but when i try to run using the telnet it shows me that it cant find localdio.py
Can any one help me?
Thanks to all

I am not sure what Sample you are seeing, but the module localdio.py is only valid on the X4H, not an X4. A standard X4 has no digital inputs.

lynnl, thanks for answering.
I am using an X4H. I would be glad if you can tell me how can upload the project.

You need to look at the ‘import statements’ and make sure the subdirectoies are correct.

For example, if you use a ZIP file to hold your support code, then if the import is lib.localdio.py, then you need to have a subdirectory named lib in your ZIP, and the localdio.py would need to be inside of that subdirectoy.

Try this page: http://www.digi.com/wiki/developer/index.php/Creating_run.py_reading_Zip_Files