USB adapter / Serial API packet issue

hey there,

i have a handy little C++ program that i wrote that will output a string of characters to a COM port. now i have tried to make it output packets which i know to be correct to the COM port where i know the USB Xplorer is connected, and the packets seem to not be received properly by the module connected to the USB. i know the packets work cause i tried them in XCTU and i know that the modules are wirelessly associated (also from XCTU).

is there maybe a special way the data has to be sent from C++ side? or perhaps a pause or something needs to be there? the serial communication from C++ to COM works cause i see it through HyperTerminal (used a port - mapping program to achieve this)

any help would be greatly appreciated!


Which one of our USB products do you have, that you’re inquiring about?

hey, i’m not using edgeport or anywhereusb or anything like that, i’m using the windows API to send characters serially to the COM port; so that the XBee module connected to that port can make decisions based on the packet it receives.

We’re not familiar with XBee modules here in the USB group. Do you see a category related to that product in the main support forum? If not, please give me the serial number of your module and I’ll try to find out what support channel you should go through.