USB terminal connection on RX2660 w/ OpenVMS

Am looking for a way to connect a Macintosh OS/X system as a terminal on an rx2660 w/ OpenVMS 8.4 using USB connection. Saw some references that a serial/USB Edgeport might work. but info is scarce. I would like to use Silex2000WG or similar device and Keyspan usb/serial adapter to connect Macintosh terminal program to Itanium/Integrity RX2660 over a network line (Silex makes the USB Keyspan USB to serial adapter “appear” to be connected to the Mac directly over network). Only question is, will the USB from Digi’s converter go to the RX2600 and appear and make DB9 serial terminal connection possible for user login. I am hoping this has beed tried before (maybe not the addition of the Silex, but the rest of it…maybe???)?

I’m not aware of any driver support for the Edgeport product in OpenVMS. You might want to consider a standalone terminal server product, such as the Digi One SP that will provide a DB9 serial port over the network. Although Digi does not have OpenVMS drivers, you could use telnet, SSH, or TCP socket connections for communication.